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Update: Google Search rankings to use page experience from May 2021

Googles Chrome User Experience Report
Before you start reading you can find more real background and real word information about Google PageSpeed Insights in this blog from us.

In a post on the Google Webmaster Central Blog yesterday, Google announced that the page experience signals they’ll be using to determine Google Search rankings will roll out in May 2021. In addition, the changes for non-AMP web content to become eligible to appear in the Top Stories feature in Search for mobile devices will also roll out in May 2021. Google says that any page that meets the Google News content policies will be eligible, but Search will prioritize showing pages with “great page experience”, regardless of whether or not they’re implemented with AMP or not. Finally, Google says they’re planning to test a visual indicator that identifies pages that “have met all of the page experience criteria.” If this test is successful, Google will show this visual indicator for search results in May 2021.

Google recommends publishers get ready for these changes now by conducting a site-wide audit of pages using the Google Search Console’s report for Core Web Vitals followed by using Page Speed Insights and Lighthouse to fix any issues that are uncovered.



  • Do I have to do something right now?
  • When do you look at this topic?
    In around 6 months from now.
  • Why only in 6 months?
    Since we are WordPress-based, we know that many changes can be expected in the next few months.
  • What effort can be expected?
    That is still difficult to assess. We could evaluate that better in March or April 2021.

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