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Step 1:

Step 2:

Please install the Indonesia Digital Marketing On-Boarding Code following the instructions on this page. If necessary, contact your IT or website developer. The details will be displayed again later.

Step 3:

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In terms of Step 2

Indonesia Digital Marketing On-Boarding Code User Manual:
Ask your IT department or web developer to install the following onboarding code on your website and in your booking engine. This entitles you to access premium features such as advanced dashboard and advanced visitor tracking.
Indonesia Digital Marketing On-Boarding Code:

<!– Indonesia Digital Marketing On-Boarding Tag –>
<script type=”text/javascript”><br />var _mtm = _mtm || [];<br />_mtm.push({‘mtm.startTime’: (new Date().getTime()), ‘event’: ‘mtm.Start’});<br />var d=document, g=d.createElement(‘script’), s=d.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];<br />g.type=’text/javascript’; g.async=true; g.defer=true; g.src=’’; s.parentNode.insertBefore(g,s);<br /></script>
<!– End Indonesia Digital Marketing On-Boarding Tag –>


In order to qualify your websites for exclusive Indonesia Digital Marketing package, you must ensure that each of your websites has added the above additional code.

In most websites, blogs, CMS, etc., you can use a ready-made plug-in that does the technical work for you. If there is no plugin or CMS, you can edit your website templates and add the JavaScript code to the </ head> tag, which is often defined in a header.php, header.tpl or similar template file.