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With the rare ability to integrate business and technology insights.

German Expat Pak Kriss, Web Analyst Director

Pak Kriss serves as partner and is responsible for the architecture and development of all technology elements. His experience shows his substantial expertise in all elements of communications and internet technology. He has, as well, an unrivaled understanding of the interaction between communications networks, IT systems, and web technology.
Pak Kriss, CEO Day, Switzerland
Pak Kriss, Legian eCommerce Society, Bali
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German Expat Pak Kriss at Bali shows a rare integration of technology expertise and business insight across all of his activities.
Mark Slater
Royal Bank of Scotland, Boston

BiruDaun Web Studio

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Hotel Revenue Summit Bali
Santika Indonesia Hotels and Resorts
de Vins Sky Hotel Seminyak
Jambuluwuk Oceano Seminyak, Bali
Pak Kriss, Singapore
Pak Kriss, Black Hat, Singapore
Pak Kriss, Black Hat, Singapore

German Expat Pak Kriss, Bali

History & Expertise


Polytechnic Secondary School, Germany
Academic High School, Germany
Control Data Institute, Germany


Equivalent Master’s, Postgraduate Degree
Business Information Systems & Computer Science

Jurisdictions of Operation:

Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein
United States, Canada
Singapore, Indonesia

The BiruDaun team with Anang, Yoseph, and Kriss overhauled performance and compliance packages and implemented major upgrades last decade resulting in improved commercial performance for new clients.

Anang, an English graduate, was an early convert to the internet and web development. Arriving in Bali in 1994, Anang honed his considerable skills at one of the first Bali IPP companies,, an information portal offering information about Bali.

With extensive contacts in tourism, Anang’s work on travel and commercial websites has established him as one of the top developers in the field of hotel marketing and booking engines for tourism properties and online commerce sites. With over 22 years experience, he is well versed in web development, e-commerce and communications.

Yoseph heads up a team of experienced developers, designers and e-commerce managers. He and Anang graduated from the same college and worked together at His experience includes ten years managing web development, IT and internet communications for, one of the first villa management companies in Bali.

Today Yoseph deals mostly with business development and e-commerce sites for Birudaun. His experience and understanding of the internet, and implementing business solutions, makes him an effective project manager working with clients to improve their commercial impact.

We are BiruDaun, Bali
Anang, Yoseph, Wilda, Nicho, Hotel Revenue Summit, Bali

Sarah Dougherty, Professional Food & Travel Writer

I’m Sarah Dougherty, a professional food and travel writer. I landed in Bali in 1993 to work on Bali’s first tourist magazine. Over 27 years later I am still here. I currently publish a digital guide to Bali, ThreeSixtyGuides focussed on quality reviews of places to stay, activities and beach clubs, spas, areas to visit in Bali and beyond including nearby Lombok. I live in Seminyak, one of Bali’s most upmarket areas. I’ve raised three children here, they are currently all grown up. Three Sixty Guides also has two active social media accounts on Instagram: 360bali and Balifood. I joined the Pak Kriss team as part of his joint venture with Threesixtyguides.

We have a long term relationship and these guys built our best web page and a tailored, well working customer loyalty program for our properties.

BiruDaun Web Studio

For more history and other information about BiruDaun, please click on the "History" icon. Thank you.