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Website oriented FAQ

  • Package A, B, and C.
  • You can call that the “Google will love you”-Combo.

We recommend always Package A, B, and C, which makes Humans, Google, and you, happy with your website experience and performance for 12 months. For more information check our Latest Technology Section in our Price List.

For all the reasons of the answer before we recommend Packages A, B and C, as together they create a high performance website with an excellent user experience that Google will love as well.
  • Package A is an infrastructure setup that delivers a fast, optimized website for users and search engines. Based on this infrastructure, we’ll customize content and delivery for a pleasant human user experience and above-average Google ranking on your site.
  • Package A include a free 7-day backup service.
  • Package A include SSL certificates.
  • Package A represents a value of around USD 4000 p.a.
  • Package A provides additional tools and performance that we use to maximize package B or C.
  • We design a new fully compatible website with the latest technology implemented, based on WordPress best practices and we maintain your web site for 12 month.
  • At the same time, it is easy for our customers to manage and update these websites.
  • Please read more in our Latest Technology Section in our Price List.
  • Yes, with Package B, we create or maintain and optimize your website for the best visual user experience and make sure you can easily update your page.
  • Package B addresses the requirements for good visual, contextual, and content-related user experience.
  • But since optimization is a big word and a wide field of activity, we can do something more for you: We also want to make Google happy with the mechanics of your website. This is accomplished through Package C, which includes a lot of technology, software development, and tricks of the trade, and is in compliance with Google’s requirements and recommendations.
  • And with so many technologies, hints and requirements involved, we recommend a well-performing infrastructure that is reflected in Package A.

Yes absolutely. We have a number of customers who started with Package B.

Yes absolutely. We have a small number of customers doing just that.

  • Yes, you can always skip package A.
  • Just keep it in mind that the Package A setup represents an infrastructure value of approximately USD 4000 p.a.
  • Our business is to develop and deploy the right tools that enable you to do more business through the Internet, which includes your website.
  • Our activities are then reflected in e.g. more direct bookings or orders in your online store or POS, or more visitors to your restaurant or your attraction.

If your business needs a potential organic audience to visit your website, there’s no way around making Google happy with your website.

Yes at any time. Our services follow the industry standards and avoid any form of vendor lock-in. So our customers always have the freedom to go anytime and easily.

  • This is driven mainly by the Google Business model.
  • Google wants users using Google search products to have a good experience in their search.
  • Driven by these demands, the Internet is more colorful and powerful nowadays.
  • The underlying internet technology has been growing and adapting over the last years to support this growth and competitive playing field.
  • So it’s no surprise that websites nowadays need to work harder to get more engagement.
  • Long story short: Google is not interested in giving you a good ranking or driving traffic to your site if you do not perform well from a Google perspective. Unless you are relevant on the internet, which is another option.
  • But Google gives us good support and guidelines with the “Google Developer and Webmaster Documentation”. Please have a look at the links in the question “What should I expect with Package C?”
  • Think about your products, markets, content, marketing, pricing, costs, competition and logistics.
  • Here are a few words to the competition: If you in the fashion business, you have around 600,000 online-stores around the world competing. 60,000 may be relevant to you, 6,000 may be relevant to your primary delivery area.
  • If you look at the topics above, consider your online store as a business model, such as a flagship store. Think about adjusting your geographic coverage. You may have a hype or niche product.
  • More content will follow. Meanwhile we are happy to advise and guide you, leveraging our operational online store business insights.
  • You leverage our dedicated hardware with your dedicated IP at your dedicated unlimited cPanel using our hardware at Siteground in Singapore, including SSL certificates.
  • You leverage our Sucuri security scans.
  • You leverage our firewall, caching, delivery, content and traffic modification and settings developed by BiruDaun leveraging our Cloudflare infrastructure.
  • You leverage our new digital marketing platform with above-average visitor re-targeting capabilities, which is currently under deployment for first customers.
  • You leverage the two top players for Analytics and Tagging.
  • You leverage our cPanel backup and restore infrastructure.
  • Can you give me an example of a hint you use?
    • Please have a look at the following software snippet below.
    • Since this software snippet was written by our web analytics director Pak Kriss, we are sure he will be happy to hear you will explain him what this software snippet exactly does and why we need it. If so, then please bring your letter of application with you.

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