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DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. January 2018
Greatly improve your CPC and digital marketing campaign and get more relevant webpage visitors.

For the past 9 months, BiruDaun Web Studio & Digital Marketing in Denpasar, Bali has developed a Digital Marketing Framework to significantly improve the quality of website visitors for CPC or Digital Marketing campaigns.

The BiruDaun Digital Marketing Framework works seamlessly with Google Ads, Google Analytics and Matomo, the world’s top three platforms.

Using BiruDaun’s Digital Marketing Framework, our customers can gain a significant competitive edge in the online business, resulting in better website visitors and more direct bookings at a lower cost.

Bali, Indonesia is a competitive market and with the use of BiruDaun’s latest high technology, our customers can significantly outperform their competitors and notably improve their cash flow and margin.

BiruDaun’s Digital Marketing Framework works independently of the industry and will be implemented early next year for the first customers.

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