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Audience Serv Indonesia Drives More Direct Bookings In 2020

Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia – 6. January 2020 After a successful 7th Hotel Revenue and Distribution Summit in Bali during 2019, we are now beginning to adjust and reflect our public portfolio, thereby reflecting the success of the past few months. The exclusive partnership between Audience Serv APAC and Celax, also known as Audience Serv Indonesia, under the BiruDaun brand, is creating new pathways for direct bookings to many Indonesian hotel and villa properties. At the same time, we are expanding the company in 2020, with a dynamic product portfolio highlighting our strengths within the Indonesian hospitality market. Audience Serv Indonesia

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Audience Serv Indonesia: Direct Booking Hotel Packages Now Available in Indonesia

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. November 2019 Audience Serv APAC and BiruDaun Web Studio & Indonesia Digital Marketing have signed an exclusive sales, support and development partnership for Indonesia, also known as Audience Serv Indonesia (Update: Audience Serv is an international audience targeting specialist with offices in Singapore, Hanoi, Berlin, Barcelona, Amsterdam and Munich. Applying machine learning techniques and artificial intelligence, Audience Serv raises direct marketing to an entirely new level of performance. Audience Serv APAC is focused on driving highly targeted online marketing campaigns in verticals such as Travel & Hospitality, Finance, Automotive, FMCG and Telecommunication. BiruDaun Web Developer

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Digital Performance Framework Developed By BiruDaun

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. January 2019Improve the technical performance of your website significantly, make Google happy and get more website visitors. In the past year we had developed a framework that was based on the technical parameters recommendations of Google Page Speed ​​and we implemented it in the first websites. [If you are interested in technology, you can read more following the links listed below.] In November of last year, Google has raised the bar even higher, and now a lot webpages in the market have issues from a Google Page Speed Index perspective. But not with BiruDaun. Our developed

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Up to 50% Direct Bookings at your property & up to 50% discount at the cost site!

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. December 2018 A little bit of history: 2017 we launched a new digital marketing collective for our Bali customers which saw our first members significantly increasing their direct bookings, occupancy and ADR. After less than 12 months our collective is achieving up to 50% direct bookings at up to 50% discounted cost per booking and we are now opening this to a select group of new customers. Since we are a small high tech company located in Bali it is not easy to deal under large corporation conditions and we do not want to operate with

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Digital Marketing Framework Developed By BiruDaun

DENPASAR, Indonesia – 1. January 2018Greatly improve your CPC and digital marketing campaign and get more relevant webpage visitors. For the past 9 months, BiruDaun Web Studio & Digital Marketing in Denpasar, Bali has developed a Digital Marketing Framework to significantly improve the quality of website visitors for CPC or Digital Marketing campaigns. The BiruDaun Digital Marketing Framework works seamlessly with Google Ads, Google Analytics and Matomo, the world’s top three platforms. Using BiruDaun’s Digital Marketing Framework, our customers can gain a significant competitive edge in the online business, resulting in better website visitors and more direct bookings at a

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Quality services meet or might exceed customer expectations. Empirical studies have shown that good service quality improves economic competitiveness.

The most important aspects of quality are anchored in the concept of quality management and these are equated with a culture. There are many aspects of quality in a business context, although primarily the idea is that the business produces something, like our services. These services and their creation include many types of processes, procedures, equipment, and investments, all of which fall under the quality umbrella.

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